We treat our projects well.

Userpath is a small and nimble company, and one that prides itself on doing phenomenal work. Being small helps our team be focused for every project we take on, and it keeps things personal between us and our clients. You know that the same person you deal with during the sales process will be with you throughout the project, and we are able to build long-lasting relationships between our company and the clients we work with.

Just because we're small doesn't mean we do small work. We work with all sizes of organizations, and some our clients have included Tyco, RIM, Wolverine, and the Region of Waterloo.

We value relationships, hospitality, and simplicity.
Why? Let us explain.

Relationships For the Long Haul

A good project is always finished on time, and never finished at the same time. At Userpath, we believe that the key to great end results is great relationships. We want to understand our clients, figure out how they work, and spend time with them. For us, working separately from the client is not an option. We need face-to-face time to make their vision our own.

Simplicity and Usability by Design

Here are Userpath, we love making things simple. Bring a project to us and we will argue for less. Our reasoning is built in to our company name - we’re out for the end user. For many people, life is too complex, technology is too daunting, and it’s not worth the effort. Many of our clients come to us to solve this problem, and we love the challenge.

Hospitality for the End User

Tied into simplicity, this one is big for us too. When you have a electronic presence, you’re welcoming people to a digital home. You wouldn’t want to invite someone to a cluttered and messy house, so why would you do that online? We are the digital interior designers, and love making people feel comfortable with the websites and interfaces we create.

Janette Drost, Communications Director

Whenever we have a new web request or a glitch that needs to be fixed, Userpath always has an idea that works better than we anticipated. We appreciate their creativity, attention to detail and the speed with which they respond to our requests.

Lara Hall, Marketing Director

Userpath was excellent in helping us design, develop and implement our new website.  They not only gave us what we wanted, they helped us understand what we needed and what improvements/additions could be easily implemented to make it even more effective.  Userpath continues to be a huge asset for us in terms of support of the website and other IT solutions.  They make my job easy!

Joanne Hofer, Owner

My experience with Userpath was wonderful! Userpath gave me prompt and professional services - I would highly recommend their expertise.

Kathryn Hofer, Director

Userpath has always been a pleasure to work with. Despite schedules and deadlines, they keep the customer first and strive to create what they desire. They are creative, and does their best to make things happen.

Michael Stevens, Editor-in-Chief

 Userpath did an excellent job of setting up my website in a professional and timely manner. My site was created in the requested time-frame, and their rates were competitive. Highly recommended!

Jason Brown, President

Userpath was able to deftly manage the different hats as a developer and designer with ease; very creative, never one to settle for "the way it's always been done."